Leonard Bernstein (19181990)


after Plato's "Symposium"
für Violine solo, Streichorchester, Harfe und Schlagzeug
Fassung für Violine und Klavier vom Komponisten

Bezetting: Viool, piano

Pianopartituur, solopartij

Auteur/ComponistLeonard Bernstein
Omvang56/16 pagina’s; 21,0 x 28 cm
Duur33 minuten
Jaar van herkomst1954
Producent/UitgeverBoosey & Hawkes
BestelnummerBH 1000490
37,95 €
incl. BTW plus verzendkosten
Op voorraad. Levertijd 1–2 werkdagen.
op de verlanglijst


Fingersätze im Violinpart von Isaac Stern

Uraufführung am 12. September im Teatro La Fenice, Venedig:

  • Isaac Stern, Violine
  • Isral Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Leonard Bernstein, Leitung

"There is no literal program for this Serenade, despite the fact that it is resulted from a re-reading of Plato's charming dialogue, "The Symposium". The music, like the dialogue, is a series of related statements in praise of love, an generally follows the Platonic form through the succession of speakers at the banquet. The 'relatedness' of the movements does not depend on common thematic material, but rather on a system whereby each movement evolves out of elements in the preceding one." (Leonard Bernstein)


  • Phaedrus: Pausanias (Lento)
  • Aristophanes (Allegretto)
  • Erixymathus (Presto)
  • Agathon (Adagio)
  • Socrates: Alcibiades (Molto tenuto - Adagio - Allegro molto vivace)