Suzanne L. Burton, Alden H. Snell

Ready, Set, Improvise!

The Nuts and Bolts of Music Improvisation

voor: Instrument [zang]

Boek (softcover)

Auteur/ComponistSuzanne L. Burton, Alden H. Snell
Omvang112 pagina’s; 18 × 25 cm
Uitgever/ProducentOxford University Press
Productie nr.OUP9780190675929
18,10 €
Levertijd: ca. 1–2 weken
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  • Applies to both general music and instrumental settings
  • Comprehensive Appendix with a variety of repertoire
  • Lesson plans and activities included in every chapter
  • Includes companion website for educators

Improvisation - the creation of a unique combination of musical content within a musical context - is core to musicianship. As authors Suzanne L. Burton and Alden H. Snell II demonstrate, students already build skills that drive improvisation when they listen to music or imitate rhythmic patterns.

Building from this observation, Ready, Set, Improvise! addresses improvisation in a cogent, clear, practical, and sequential manner. As an essential resource for music educators, this book synthesizes what we know about exemplary music teaching and learning, provides an easy-to-follow sequence for guiding improvisation instruction, and gives techniques for assessment of students' skill and conceptual development.

Burton and Snell explore lessons in singing, rhythmic chanting, moving, and playing instrument exercises that prepare students to improvise. This all-in-one guide gives music teachers the necessary tools with which to plan the next steps for students to become independent musicians.


  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Companion Website
  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Listening
  • Chapter 3. Musical Dialogue-Imitation
  • Chapter 4. Discrimination
  • Chapter 5. Musical Dialogue-Improvisation
  • Chapter 6. Application to Instruments
  • Chapter 7. Assessment
  • Appendix
  • Bibliography
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