Gernot Roedder

Total Ukulele for D-Tuning

The perfect starter set for Ukulele!
Including: Wood Ukulele, Method Book 'Total Ukulele' and Pick (Lehrmaterial) (Lesboek)

voor: Ukelele

Muziek lesboek, playback-CD

Auteur/ComponistGernot Roedder
Omvang96 pagina’s; 21,0 x 30 cm
Productie nr.VOGG 0446-7
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The perfect starter set for Ukulele!

With more than 100 years of history and with the rising popularity in the beginning of the 20th century in America the Uke is an instrument with a lot of tradition. Today the Uke is still one of the most popular instruments around since it‘s trendy within the music and comedy scene.

This instructional book makes learning the Uke very easy and fun with plenty of informative tips. It covers all important subjects for the beginning Uke player whether rhythm accompaniment, strumming patterns and techniques, fingerpicking techniques or melody playing.

There are easy to understand instructions to play with standard notation or tab. Ukulele Total also covers the basics of music theory, chord exercises and many chord progressions. The accompanying CD features many exercises and 11 popular tunes to listen or play along to. This book makes the Uke a handy musical companion for all occasions. A comprehensive D-tuning method