G. Rooda

95 Dexterity Exercises and Dances

Hargail Performance Series

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Auteur/ComponistG. Rooda
TalenEngels, Nederlands
Omvang64 pagina’s; 20,0 x 15 cm
Uitgever/ProducentHargail Music Press
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It is most interesting to know that nowadays the recorder has more admirers than ever before. Especially the treble recorder is most suited to be played in the home circle. There exists a lot of music for this particular instrument already, mainly of the period from Bach to Mozart. The works of the great masters during the above mentioned period, such as Bach, Handel, Telemann, Mattheson, etc., require a high technical proficiency. The object of this booklet is to familiarize the player with this technical proficiency, by means of special exercises.